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Monday, June 14, 2010

Nashville, coming back.

A journalist is able to tell a story through words. As a photographer, you are also telling a story; not with words, but with pictures. What you tell through a series of pictures is a reflection on you as a photographer, your subject, setting, circumstance, and what you are able to draw from that. A "photojournalist" is a little mixture of both. It is an ever changing process in which you are always learning. A photojournalist is able to capture "verbs" to help better explain what the subject is doing, and put them inside the frame of their camera in order to later tell the story of what happened at that moment- an image describing the facts.
Sometimes this is easier with a person as your subject, but the city of Nashville has so much to offer of its architecture and history that I thought I'd give the photojournalism thing a try in a new setting. After the floods devastated Nashville in May of this year, many were afraid that CMA Fest would not happen and that the tourism aspect of Nashville would decline dramatically.
Here are some pictures I found as a reminder of the devastation:
LP field where the Titans play and CMA Fest is held.

I found this weekend that neither of these things were true. CMA Fest sold out this year for the first time in 39 years- proceeds were to benefit flood relief, and the ever-present country music vibe that only Nashville can truly claim. People came from all over the country to help the city of Nashville recapture its beauty and appreciation for it. And was it beautiful. Despite the fact that I was only able to have my camera for a short time while we were downtown, here is my "story" of that time.

I couldn't help myself, I think this is so cool.

For the next two, refer to Hebrews 11:1

Always a perfect way to end the night:

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