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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Drew and Eric found their way into my life almost one year ago. They bring such joy and laughter to my heart and I have come to have such a respect and love for them and their family. Trying they may be sometimes, these two boys have taught me more about communication, patience, and myself than I ever expected. Eric, the intellectual helper, is wise beyond his three years. When he is not playing baseball, building complex towns, or quickly piecing together a puzzle, he is constantly checking to make sure Drew and I are fulfilling our roles of younger brother, and care taker. Eric and I have come a long way in communicating and meeting expectations of each other. While their father is working, Eric takes his position as big brother and "man of the house" to heart. His brilliance amazes me every week, and I have enjoyed watching him grow and learn during these important years of his life. Drew, the charming two year old, brings a very different feel to the family. As the younger of the two brothers, Drew has quickly established a personality and mind set of his own. Drew keeps Eric and I constantly on our feet, with the power of the energizer bunny he is always on the go. He has no problem pushing his brother to the limit in every way he can- knocking down complex train tracks that took hours of contemplating and changing markered blueprint ideas by Eric, or simply deciding that Eric's movie time just happens to be Drew's music time... on four different drums. But when he allows it, Drew has the heart of an angel. He never fails to follow up with an, "Are you ok? I'm so sowwy!" when a plastic dinosaur just somehow finds its way to the back of Eric's head. I had to quickly learn each boy's tactics, and Drew quickly learned that his quivering bottom lip and big blue eyes only work on the naive new-comers.
It is a new adventure every week. These boys, and their family, have captured my heart in a special way. I am so excited to share with you this part of my life. Enjoy!

Trying to figure out how a camera works...

Boys will be boys...

Drew and his blanket are inseparable. And I love everything about that.

I think he was ready for me to stop taking pictures at this point, look at that face!

One of my favorites. Such a character!