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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Summer is so great in that it allows you so much freedom to do what you want with your time (for the most part)! Because my brother's girlfriend, Laura, is leaving for college in the fall I wanted to get some pictures of them before she left. (And it was a great excuse to use my new camera! Yayyy for early birthday presents!) They were so cooperative and patient with me while I was learning all the bells and whistles on my camera, and when it started pouring rain the second we stepped outside... But we had such a great time anyway! They are hilarious together! Here are some of the best ones I got, but again, new camera so I had to play with the lighting some, and embrace the weather- I'm still learning :)

It really didn't hurt that Laura is such a natural beauty!

waiting out the rain...

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  1. hannah!! these are so great! love the composition, expressions, lighting, everything! very well done!!!